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1st SmartStop Cello Carbon Fiber Bow Giveaway!

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  • Tracell Frederick on

    Currently on my music stand, I have Carl Flesch, Popper and Rachmaninov Sonata in G minor. Iā€™m honestly dying but Rachmaninov is giving me so much life, such a beautiful sonata.

  • Linda on

    There is way too much on my music stand! It is stacked high with music and method books that I need to use everyday!

  • Cecilia Tsan on

    I would be excited to own a carbon fiber bow for my upcoming concerts and also in the recording studios!

  • Gilbert on

    I would really like to win a Carbon fiber Cello bow! Unfortunately I am using an old viola bow :(

  • Vilhelem Andras on

    I would like to own a carbon bow!

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