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Jason Heath Reviews SmartStop!  



Featured SmartStop artist, Eric Lewis Baker:

As a performer and teacher, I'm always on the go, which means I never know what surface I'll be playing on next. And luckily, the good people at @smartstopcello have me covered. From wood floors to clay tiles and beyond, my SmartStop hasn't slipped once. And not only is SmartStop's functionality without equal, it also comes in a wide variety of colors, or you can even get a custom design. So, instead of spitting on the bottom of that sad foam rock stop you got back in middle school, move on to a stop that actually works. Move on to SmartStop. [photo by @peterkz]
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Featured SmartStop artist, Sarah Chaffee:


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"Story time! As a professional cellist who often plays electric, my gigs tend to have one thing in common: playing while standing up. Rock shows and corporate gigs require mobility and choreography, which are difficult things to accomplish from a chair! And there’s NOTHING more frustrating on gigs than my endpin slipping all over the floor due to a mediocre rockstop. It’s impossible to play while your instrument is literally running away from you!

So, I was super excited when the folks at @smartstopcello invited me to try out their products. SmartStop makes their endpin holders with a custom-developed backing that “sticks securely to almost any surface,” and they also come in some beautiful shimmery & glittery colors, making them fun to use and easier to locate in your case than the usual boring flat black ones!

I instantly loved this glittery red SmartStop, and I thought what better place to test out a red rockstop than at Red Rock National Park?! And sure enough, this thing STICKS — it even held strong on this dusty, porous cliff face, a type of surface that would be a normal rockstop’s Achilles heel. It sticks to rocks, it sticks to hardwood, it sticks to marble — but at the same time it’s easy to pick up and reposition. This thing is both functional and beautiful, a combination that’s hard to come by in cello gear! So fellow cellists & bassists, I DEFINITELY recommend the SmartStop. You can find them on Instagram at @SmartStopCello or at Get yourself some sparkle that sticks! [shot on @canonusa by @waetzig75]"